Myth 1: You can never do too much cardio.

Too much cardio can definitely be a bad thing.

One of the things I have encountered most in training has been the idea that “cardio is king.”  Many times I have had a long conversation about the dangers of over-training and the injuries and metabolism slowing effects too much cardiovascular exercise can have.

Issues too much cardio can create:

  • While cardio does burn fat, it also burns muscle.
  • If you burn too much muscle, you can actually slow your metabolism.
  • Too much cardio can actually prevent you from reaching your goals at the gym.

I am not saying you should stay away from cardio; far from it.  I am however saying doing cardio for an hour a day by itself is not necessarily the best way to reach your fitness or weight-lifting goals.  Livestrong suggests cardio should not exceed 150 minutes for an entire week.  QBX Fitness says too much cardio is definitely a bad thing.  They even say that too much cardio can actually cause you to start GAINING fat.

Bottom line: keep your cardio a bit shorter and add some muscle-toning weight training.

Next time: Myth 2, lifting weights will turn you into this guy.Just kidding.  That’s steroids and over supplementation.


2 thoughts on “Myth 1: You can never do too much cardio.

  1. I am really looking forward to your next post, Myth 2. I like how you give the audience something to look forward to. I was always scared to lift weights because I didn’t want to look huge!

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